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Navy Military Yarn Wreath- Finished Friday


At the end of January, I posted about my military yarn wreaths that I had started back in December. I finished the Air Force wreath around that time I believe, but somehow the Navy wreath got set aside again. When I picked it back up, I made the flowers, wrapped the wreath and got ready to assemble it. And then I realized I had a problem. The black letters I had painted were too dark to be seen on the navy blue yarn of the wreath. Dilemma! I wanted each of the military wreaths to be wrapped in a different color, but I had also wanted them to all have black letters. The Army wreath was already done in gold, so that meant it had to be wrapped in navy blue. So I ended up changing the letter color to gold. So then repainting took a bunch of time. So I finally have it finished! Here is a picture of the finished wreath:


I am so happy to finally have this done! Now I have wreaths for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. I hope to do a Coast Guard one eventually, as well as a military veteran one, but I think that will have to wait for now. Here is the collection of what I have. They are all available in my Etsy shop:


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Spring Wreath Completed- Finished Friday

I’m so excited I managed to complete the spring wreath I posted about on Wednesday.  I’ve been ticking off projects left and right this past week!  It feels so good not to have all these unfinished projects lying around.  I think I only have 1 other one started now.  Oh, make that 2.

Anyway, I did manage to find some hot pink yarn, but it wasn’t quite what I had in mind.  However, it was the closest I could find in the type of yarn needed to match the rest of the wreath.  I think it still looks good though.  The picture doesn’t quite do it justice.  So here is the finished wreath!

spring green wreath

I absolutely adore these flowers- I’ve been using them everywhere!  And they are so simple to make!  If you are interested in purchasing this wreath, it is available in my Etsy shop  I am also happy to make custom orders- either email me at or visit my Etsy store at and send me a convo there.

Are you working on anything special for spring?  I would love to see your projects!  Please drop me a link!


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Spring is in the air…

But you can’t tell around here. More snow today. I’m not complaining though. I like the snow. As long as I don’t have to go out. And I don’t.

This wintery weather has provided the time to work on some spring wreaths however.


These are the colors that I’m using for it ( I need to get hot pink yet. All this yarn and I don’t have hot pink?!). This picture doesn’t do them justice. I am so excited about these colors together! Before long, they will make up a lovely spring yarn wreath.

Hopefully I can post the finished product (with better light) later this week.

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Military Yarn Wreaths- Work in Progress Wednesday

I have a bad habit of starting projects and then setting them aside for various reasons. Sometimes I feel like they are taking too long so I need a break. Other times, a new and exciting idea comes along that I just can’t wait to get started on. Still other times, I simply set it down and something gets put on top of it… You know, out of sight, out of mind? Well that’s what happened with today’s work-in-progress. I started this project back around Christmas time, and took it to PA when we went for a few days around New Year’s. Came home with it, bought my letters, painted them, then moved the painted letters off the table for dinner. Into a bag with the flowers they went, which in time ended up in a tote box along with the already yarn-wrapped wreaths forms.

Then I forgot about them. I finally came across a picture on my phone of them as a work in progress and realized they were never finished. So I dug them out this morning and they will be completed today. They only need to be glued together. So pictured here, are 2 yarn wreaths- one for Army, the other for Air Force.


I plan to do the other branches soon if I have positive feedback on these two. I will be listing them on Etsy, so I will try to update this post with the link soon, as well as update my store page here on the blog.

UPDATE: I did indeed finish them and they are now available in my Etsy shop Stitches of Light

I am excited to be linking up with Work in Progress Wednesday over at Tami’s Amis and Other Creations


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Snowflake Wreath- Made by You Monday

I live in the eastern part of Maryland. We’ve had a serious snow drought the last few years. I am not a cold weather person at all. In fact, I moved south in part to avoid the cold. But I ended up meeting my husband and thanks to the military, have ended up a bit more north again LoL. So this week it is COLD! At least by my standards. I also enjoy watching the weather in the winter for big (snow) storms to move across the country. I do enjoy watching the weather models and seeing what happens. I even hope for the snow despite not liking the cold. Snow makes it better. But if it is cold like this, it should snow. Then I’m happy! So with the storm moving across the country now, I was hoping we might get our snow that has alluded us of late. We were here in Maryland several years ago when those epic storms came through back-to-back. My littlest one doesn’t remember it though- he was only 2. So I was hoping for him too. He gets thrilled over a dusting. But, it looks like we will be getting just rain 😦

So to go along with our freezing cold weather we have right now (which leaves in time for preciptation to arrive), I decided to make this cute snowflake yarn wreath. This was inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest the other year. I thought it would be cute to put out at an upcoming craft fair.


So who has snow and wants to send some snow my way?! 🙂


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Poinsettia Yarn Wreath- New in the Shop

This beautiful yarn wreath is newly listed!

Poinsettia Yarn Wreath $18.00

Beautiful 12″ yarn wreath with poinsettias, embellished with pine sprigs, golden gifts and gold-glittered pinecones. Click above to purchase through Square Market, or check out what else is available at Stitches of Light Square Market Shop

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Proud to be an American

With the first of our patriotic holidays coming up in a few weeks, I thought I would take a moment and highlight some of the cute projects that have been done with plastic canvas and wreaths.

Image image

These make for some festive doors!

Image Image

Here are 2 tissue covers done with plastic canvas.

Finally, here is a coaster set done in plastic canvas.

In God We Trust Coasters

These items (plus others!) are available for purchase, through either my Etsy or Facebook page.

Do you have a favorite project that you do to show your red, white and blue pride?

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Got Shells? Part 2

20130430-074129.jpg              20130430-074137.jpg


So here’s what I have from that bucket I posted yesterday! A table FULL of washed shells (not all shown there), and then, one lovely By the Sea Yarn Wreath! I still have plenty of shells to make many more beautiful wreaths with. This wreath is available (at the time of this post) for purchase at

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Got Shells?


What does a dog bone container have to do with crafting? It’s filled with sea shells from my last trip to the beach! Both my sons helped me collect them. They’ve been sitting around my house for awhile, so since today is a rainy day here, I figure this will be a great project for my little one and myself. We will clean them up and do some learning about them while we’re at it. We might even color some of them and have a refresher about mixing colors. I plan on using them to make some yarn wreaths, so watch for some project pictures in the coming days. Do you have a favorite project to do with shells?

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Graduation Wreaths are here!

My brain has been in overdrive lately!  One of the new products is a graduation wreath.  These are perfect for your special high school or college graduate.  Shown above is one I made for my son’s school.  However, the wreaths are completely customizable.  Just let me know what colors/letters you would like.  Shown is a 12 inch wreath, however 18 inch wreaths are also available for about $4 more.  To place an order, either email me at or go to etsy (you can click on the store above to get there) and convo me from there.  Payment through paypal.  Have a great week!~

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