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The result of a flea market 

The other weekend I went to a flea market near where I grew up.  I love flea markets, but rarely go and that’s probably a good thing for my wallet. This one was in conjunction with a festival and the festival was the reason I was there. But of course I checked out the market.  I was glad I did!  I found 3 cute crochet books at a bargain price!  There were several others, but I didn’t allow myself too many.   Two were only $1 and the other was $0.50!

I tried out one of the patterns from the doily book and I think it turned out well!  I’m not super experienced working with thread and I always feel clumsy working with it. This also had a new stitch to me in it. 

Have you ever found any great bargain craft books at a flea market?  

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