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Made it Monday- Dolphin Wall Hanging

I’ve been hard at work designing and stitching the last couple of weeks. I hadn’t been very inspired for quite awhile, but the warm weather seems to have my ideas flowing and now I have more ideas than time. 

One of my most recent works is an adorable dolphin wall hanging in plastic canvas. 

The finished product is now available in my Etsy shop here. I am hoping to release the pattern in the near future. 

I would love to see your most recent creations today- leave me a comment with what you have made!

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My latest endeavor- a wall hanging in plastic canvas

I’ve been in a bit of a dry spell lately where I haven’t had many new ideas for plastic canvas design. I can’t just sit down and come up with something- it just hits me out of the blue. So about 3 weeks ago I finally had an idea. 

The process really didn’t take long at all- I was able to draw it out and stitched it pretty quickly. 

Here it was as I start stitching it. I hadn’t drawn it out stitch for stitch not drawn my picture with the border and lettering. 

I finished stitching in just a couple days time. I was thrilled with how it turned out!  But my vision all along had been to frame it and make it pop. So yesterday I finally made it to the craft store for a frame. It was hard to find one that was what I had in mind and the right size- it had ended up a bit bigger than I originally planned. 

But I found one to do the job and here is the finished product-

This is now one of my favorite designs!

It is now available on Etsy too (Faith, Hope, Love Black and White Framed Wall Hanging) if you are interested in ordering one. It makes a beautiful gift for birthday, wedding, anniversary, and more! 

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