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Stocking up on Bookmarks- Made By You Monday

Today I wanted to show you all the bookmarks I’ve completed since last week. I had a short break to work up the monogram coasters which I showed you last Friday, but over the weekend I came back to the bookmarks. Here they are:

I still have one more that I am working on (not pictured).  I will be adding to these gradually over the next few weeks with some different designs as well, but my crafting adhd is taking over, and I think my next projects will be a couple of wreaths and a crocheted and lined bag or two.  Did you complete any projects over the weekend?


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Bookmarks- Work in Progress Wednesday

A few weeks ago, I participated in a craft fair. This was the 3rd one I’ve done and so far, they really haven’t gone too well. It’s so discouraging! The couple items I did sell however, were my bookmarks. In fact I all but sold out of them, all by one person! (I only had about 5, so it really wasn’t that major). I hadn’t got around to making any more yet, so I decided to take a break from the Japanese Flower Coasters I’ve been working on and make some more bookmarks.
Here are 2 of them in progress:



One has a small cross on and the other will say “Jesus”. They work up fairly quickly, so these are now completed, however I want to make several of each in different colors, so it is still a work in progress. I also need to make some more that say “Hope” and “Peace”.

What are you working on this week? Is it new, or are you replacing something that’s sold?


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