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My first knitted projects


Well here they are! My first knitted projects completed on the Knifty Knitter small round loom. Instead of trying the hat pattern that came with the loom, I decided to try these cute dish scrubbies. I found the pattern here:
I used acrylic yarn as that is what I had with me on our weekend trip. The purple scrubbie on the left I tried using three strands of yarn. I love the sturdiness of it. The turquoise one I did two strands and like how it feels in my hand. So I’m not sure which way I like better. I will probably make some of each. I’m excited that they turned out and I am looking forward to finding another project for my round looms.

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Knifty Knitters!


After my struggle to learn to crochet, I really have not felt compelled to try to learn to knit. Until now! While ordering some stuff for one of my children online, I a came across a set of these round knifty knitters round looms in clearance. And they have arrived. And I am excited! So in a little bit I am going to try them out and see what happens. Have you tried these before? Do you love them? What are your favorite patterns?

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