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More monogram coasters- current project

Before Christmas, I received a custom order for a set of monogram coasters (I blogged about the design awhile back). Here is how the custom order turned out:

I love the colors she chose!  

Just after the holidays, I was asked to make 2 more sets because they are so well loved!  So I am currently working on those. I finished the coasters yesterday and just need to do the boxes now. 

What is your current project?

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Monogram Coasters in Plastic Canvas- Finished Friday

A few weeks ago I came up with the idea to stitch some monogram coasters. The last 2 nights I finally for around to designing them and stitching. Actually it ended up being design as I stitch lol. So here is what I came up with.



I am making custom sets available in my etsy shop- custom colors and letters of course. I plan to include a box too.

What have you made this week?

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