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Snowflake Wreath- Made by You Monday

on November 25, 2013

I live in the eastern part of Maryland. We’ve had a serious snow drought the last few years. I am not a cold weather person at all. In fact, I moved south in part to avoid the cold. But I ended up meeting my husband and thanks to the military, have ended up a bit more north again LoL. So this week it is COLD! At least by my standards. I also enjoy watching the weather in the winter for big (snow) storms to move across the country. I do enjoy watching the weather models and seeing what happens. I even hope for the snow despite not liking the cold. Snow makes it better. But if it is cold like this, it should snow. Then I’m happy! So with the storm moving across the country now, I was hoping we might get our snow that has alluded us of late. We were here in Maryland several years ago when those epic storms came through back-to-back. My littlest one doesn’t remember it though- he was only 2. So I was hoping for him too. He gets thrilled over a dusting. But, it looks like we will be getting just rain 😦

So to go along with our freezing cold weather we have right now (which leaves in time for preciptation to arrive), I decided to make this cute snowflake yarn wreath. This was inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest the other year. I thought it would be cute to put out at an upcoming craft fair.


So who has snow and wants to send some snow my way?! 🙂


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