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Assembling a plastic canvas box, part 2

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get around to finishing this tutorial.  Procrastination and such I suppose.  So here is part 2 of assembling a plastic canvas box.  Part one left off with having all the sides attached to the bottom, but not stitched up the corners or having the top edged.


Now we want to begin joining those corner pieces.  You should already be at a corner from where you left off joining the sides to the bottom.  Now you just fold up the sides and insert your needle through the bottom hole on both sides and pull the yarn through (basically a whipstitch).  You might need to go through each hole twice for adequate coverage.

20140317-121015.jpg 20140317-121026.jpg

Work your way up the pairs of holes.


Now that you’re at the top, we’re going to go across the top edge of this side of the box.  Just a simple overcast stitch across.


Now we’ve reached the next corner.  Instead of cutting the yarn, I run it down the inside to come through the bottom holes of those sides (closest to where they were attached to the bottom piece).  Then I whipstitch up the side again, being careful that I’m covering that runner down inside.


Now we have 2 corners finished.  We’re going to overcast across the next side and keep repeating the corner whipstitches and overcast stitches the rest of the way around the box


Here is the finished bottom part of the box.  To end the yarn, I just run it under a few stitches of neighboring overcast stitch (of the same color) and cut the yarn.


Here’s my box bottom holding my set of coasters.  The top of the box will be made following the same procedure.


What are some of your favorite ways to use plastic canvas boxes?  If you have made a project, I would love to see it!


I am excited to be linked up to Tip Me Tuesday!

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Assembling a plastic canvas box, part 1

One of my first projects after starting back with plastic canvas was a coaster set in a box. Assembling the box gave me such a headache! After a few sets,I finally found a great method. Some of you might already have figured this out or have an even better way, but I figured I would share just in case. This is my first tutorial, so I hope this works well!

To begin, I have all my individual pieces already sewn, just waiting to be joined.


Line up a side with the main piece. Leave a bit of a tail, which will be stitched over. Whip stitch all the way down the side, joining the two pieces.


Repeat the process for the remaining sides.


Whenever your yarn starts to run out, leave a bit of tail and begin the new yarn just as you did in the beginning, this time stitching over both tails.



Here is the box with all the sides attached. In my next tutorial, I will finish the bottom of the box by joining the corners and the edging.


Happy stitching!

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