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Red, White and Blue Floral Wreath- Finished Friday

I have two plastic canvas projects which just need edging complete and the striped shell bag most of the way finished but I needed a break from them. For months I’ve been having trouble with my elbow (I think I have golfer’s elbow) and sometime it bothers me. So it’s been a bit inflamed again even though not terribly sore (typing on my phone doesn’t help lol). As a result I haven’t crocheted as much this week. I thought in would have the bag done for sure to show you today!

Instead, I have a new floral yarn wreath. Since we have several patriotic holidays coming up soon, I thought this would be a great time to whip one up. These are always some of my favorite wreaths to make. Here it is!



I did just list this item in Etsy, so be sure to check it out, as well as my other Patriotic items!


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Navy Military Yarn Wreath- Finished Friday


At the end of January, I posted about my military yarn wreaths that I had started back in December. I finished the Air Force wreath around that time I believe, but somehow the Navy wreath got set aside again. When I picked it back up, I made the flowers, wrapped the wreath and got ready to assemble it. And then I realized I had a problem. The black letters I had painted were too dark to be seen on the navy blue yarn of the wreath. Dilemma! I wanted each of the military wreaths to be wrapped in a different color, but I had also wanted them to all have black letters. The Army wreath was already done in gold, so that meant it had to be wrapped in navy blue. So I ended up changing the letter color to gold. So then repainting took a bunch of time. So I finally have it finished! Here is a picture of the finished wreath:


I am so happy to finally have this done! Now I have wreaths for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. I hope to do a Coast Guard one eventually, as well as a military veteran one, but I think that will have to wait for now. Here is the collection of what I have. They are all available in my Etsy shop:


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