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Lining Crocheted Bags- Work in Progress Wednesday

Several months ago I crocheted two small pouches that would be perfect to put inside a purse to hold smaller items. But I never got around to lining them. I also have my Stripes and Shells bag ready to line. Last night I finally sat down and sewed the liners for all three bags and today I will be working on stitching them into the bags while I visit with a dear friend. Sound like a great day, right!? Below are the bags:


I would love to see what you are working on this week! Please feel free share a picture or leave a link! You are welcome to stop by my Facebook page and share as well!



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More Bookmarks- Finished Friday

I’m excited to have a few more bookmarks finished to show you.

First up is the completed Army bookmark that I showed you I was working on in Wednesdays post:


The other two bookmarks I have completed are Jesus bookmarks in different color schemes:

20140516-071405.jpg  20140516-071412.jpg

Now to figure out what I’m going to work on next! Have a terrific weekend!



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It’s For the Dogs Crochet- Thursday Roundup

I am a dog lover. I have two dogs, who are very much part of the family and I feel as though they are furry children. They are wonderful companions, especially when my husband was deployed and the non-furry children were in bed for the night.

20140514-091301.jpg   20140514-091325.jpg  20140514-091559.jpg

From left to right: Titus (9), our pointer/?(border collie or blue heeler?) mix.  Birdog (or Birdie, 10): pointer/lab mix.  She left us about a year ago and dearly missed.  Allie (6): Our new addition last Aug.  Also a pointer/lab mix.  As sweet as our Birdie was.  (Also the same age as our younger son lol).

So in honor of them, I have rounded up some free crochet patterns both for and about dogs.

dog roundup

1. Crocheted Dog Bandana: I love bandanas on dogs, and this is an easy little pattern that will work up in no time! (FREE!)

2. Dog Booties: These booties are designed for small dogs (FREE!)

3. Dog Sweater Crochet Pattern: Beautiful sweater has directions for small, medium and large dogs (FREE!)

4. Puppy Mug Hug Crochet Pattern: Perfect for any dog lover.  (FREE!)

5. Crochet Dalmatian Dog Hat Pattern: This adorable hat pattern is available in sizes from baby all the way through adult (FREE!)

6. Floppy Dog Crochet Pattern: This adorable stuffed toy would be a great gift, or perfect to make for your own little ones.  (FREE!)

7. Dog Paws Christmas Stocking: Made in your own colors, this would be perfect to store pet supplies in year round!  (FREE!)

8. ROW COUNT PAW PRINT Afghan Square Crochet Pattern:  How cute of an afghan would this make?!  What a lovely gift idea for a dog lover! (FREE!)

9. Paw Print Applique Set: This would be cute on so many things! (FREE!)


Military Bookmarks- Work in Progress Wednesday

I’m still on my bookmark kick! Monday I posted my completed American flag bookmark, and today I am sharing with you my Army bookmark, a work in progress. I plan to do the other branches as well, but I’m still designing them (in my head!).

Here is the Army one so far:


I think I’m liking it, but I’m not sure yet. I guess I’ll see when it is completed.

What are you working on this week?


Choosing Your Crochet Hook- Tuesday’s Tips

When it comes to selecting a crochet hook, you have options! Hooks of various materials are available, as well a range of sizes. How do you choose?!

Some of it comes down to personal preference. You may find that you like the feel of one material in your hand over another. Some of it is decided by the type of project you will be working on, and even how you you crochet (more loosely or tighter than gauge calls for).

Here is a picture of the crochet hooks I currently own.


20140513-082335.jpg   20140513-082347.jpg

There are steel, aluminum, plastic and bamboo. You may even find carved wooden hooks, though not in your regular craft stores.

1. Steel hooks are most common for the smallest crochet hooks. They are often used for working crochet thread.
I have a set, but haven’t really used them yet.
2. Aluminum hooks are available in many sizes, and some of the most popular. They are my favorite as I like the coolness of the grip and how the yarn glides over the hook.
3. Plastic hooks are also readily available in many sizes. These are lightweight hooks, making them a great choice for those who need favor that aspect.
4. Bamboo hooks are also available in different sizes, but not the very small or very large sizes. These are also fairly lightweight. These may bend depending on the type of project you are working on.

Some hooks can be rather thin to hold, so if you have larger hands or will be working for long periods of time, your hand may become fatigued. However, there are hooks out there that have larger/softer handles for gripping.

If you look closely at the hooks, you will see a letter and/or number on the side. This is used to indicate the size. Hooks range in letter from B-K. The lower the letter, the smaller the hook. B will be smaller than G for example. Steel one for thread range from 00-14. The size of the hook to use largely depends on the type of yarn you plan on using for your project. Check the label that comes on your yarn skein- it will tell you the best hook(s) to use. For example, if you are using crochet thread, you would use one of the smaller steel hooks. However, if you tend to crochet very tightly or very loosely (especially with yarn), you may need to go up or down a size.

Another note on sizing- you might see sizing in both metric and US sizing. For example, it might say I/9 (US) and 5.5 mm (metric). You might even see a UK size! Not to worry, Lion Brand has this handy chart for conversions. Click hereto see chart.


I’m not sure how well you can see it, but it says US K 10.5/ 6.5 mm.


So there is an introduction to choosing your hook(s) for crocheting.  Do you have some favorite hooks? Why do you like them best?







American Flag Bookmark in Plastic Canvas- Mady By You Monday

Unfortunately, my elbow is really giving me problems still, so I haven’t been able to crochet the handles for my bag. Even typing and using the mouse right now is bothersome. Ugh! It’s so hard for me to not use it. I did manage to get a plastic canvas bookmark designed and made this weekend since that only required me holding the canvas with that hand. With warm weather and all the holidays coming up I am in a patriotic mood, so I came up with this bookmark:


I am absolutely loving this bookmark! It came out exactly how I had it in my mind. Don’t you love it when crafts go right? Hehehe. This bookmark is available in my Etsy shop here.

What did you make or do this weekend?  I would love to hear about it!



Red, White and Blue Floral Wreath- Finished Friday

I have two plastic canvas projects which just need edging complete and the striped shell bag most of the way finished but I needed a break from them. For months I’ve been having trouble with my elbow (I think I have golfer’s elbow) and sometime it bothers me. So it’s been a bit inflamed again even though not terribly sore (typing on my phone doesn’t help lol). As a result I haven’t crocheted as much this week. I thought in would have the bag done for sure to show you today!

Instead, I have a new floral yarn wreath. Since we have several patriotic holidays coming up soon, I thought this would be a great time to whip one up. These are always some of my favorite wreaths to make. Here it is!



I did just list this item in Etsy, so be sure to check it out, as well as my other Patriotic items!


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Armed Forces Crochet Patterns- Thursday Round Up

Next Saturday, May 17, we celebrate Armed Forces Day. This is near and dear to my heart and I want to take some time to feature some lovely patterns to honor our military heros.

A little background on this holiday first. It was first celebrated on May 20, 1950. Previously, the military branches each had their own day of celebration. Armed Forces Day is celebrated the 3rd Saturday in May. It is the last day of Armed Forces Week, which begins the second Saturday in May. To read a bit more about this very special holiday, click here.

armed forces


1. Armed Forces Day Jar Cozy– This is not only an adorable crochet pattern, but also includes a Potato Cheese Soup recipe (to make it like an MRE- Meal Ready to Eat) (FREE!)

2. Crochet Beanie– available in sizes from preemie to adult! (FREE!)

3. Military Afghan– lovely afghan supporting all branches (FREE! Free sign up required)

4. Toy Army Corps Net– perfect for those little boys in your life! (FREE!)

5. Boys Army Floppy Brimmed Hat– scroll to the bottom of the page in the very bottom window to find this cute pattern (FREE!)

6. Free Army Boonie Hat Pincushion Crochet Pattern – scroll to the bottom of the page in the very bottom window to find this pincushion pattern (FREE!)


I also wanted to list a few places where the community can give back to the military.

1. Military Families Ministry– Accepts knit or crochet prayer patches and prayer shawls

2. Scarves for Heroes– Collects handmade scarves to distribute

3. Soldiers’ Angels– crochet, knit, loomed blankets and scarves

4. Warmth for Warriors– knit and crochet hats

I hope to do some of these, and would love to have my fellow blog readers join me!  I know there are other organizations out there as well.  If you know of them, would you share them with me so I can add them to the list?


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Crocheted Shell Striped Bag- Work in Progress Wednesday

I’ve been wanting to make some crocheted bags for a while now. There are so many fabulous bags out there, but I wanted to come up with some of my own. I just like knowing that it’s my creation from start to finish. So I finally envisioned this bag and began working on it Monday evening. I think I like it and the colors so far.



I plan to line it when I’m finished as well. If all turns out well and anyone in interested, I will try to write up the pattern as well.

The only thing I’m not happy with is that I see a seam where I join the rounds and begin the next round. How can I stop that?!



Stocking up on Bookmarks- Made By You Monday

Today I wanted to show you all the bookmarks I’ve completed since last week. I had a short break to work up the monogram coasters which I showed you last Friday, but over the weekend I came back to the bookmarks. Here they are:

I still have one more that I am working on (not pictured).  I will be adding to these gradually over the next few weeks with some different designs as well, but my crafting adhd is taking over, and I think my next projects will be a couple of wreaths and a crocheted and lined bag or two.  Did you complete any projects over the weekend?


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