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It’s For the Dogs Crochet- Thursday Roundup

I am a dog lover. I have two dogs, who are very much part of the family and I feel as though they are furry children. They are wonderful companions, especially when my husband was deployed and the non-furry children were in bed for the night.

20140514-091301.jpg   20140514-091325.jpg  20140514-091559.jpg

From left to right: Titus (9), our pointer/?(border collie or blue heeler?) mix.  Birdog (or Birdie, 10): pointer/lab mix.  She left us about a year ago and dearly missed.  Allie (6): Our new addition last Aug.  Also a pointer/lab mix.  As sweet as our Birdie was.  (Also the same age as our younger son lol).

So in honor of them, I have rounded up some free crochet patterns both for and about dogs.

dog roundup

1. Crocheted Dog Bandana: I love bandanas on dogs, and this is an easy little pattern that will work up in no time! (FREE!)

2. Dog Booties: These booties are designed for small dogs (FREE!)

3. Dog Sweater Crochet Pattern: Beautiful sweater has directions for small, medium and large dogs (FREE!)

4. Puppy Mug Hug Crochet Pattern: Perfect for any dog lover.  (FREE!)

5. Crochet Dalmatian Dog Hat Pattern: This adorable hat pattern is available in sizes from baby all the way through adult (FREE!)

6. Floppy Dog Crochet Pattern: This adorable stuffed toy would be a great gift, or perfect to make for your own little ones.  (FREE!)

7. Dog Paws Christmas Stocking: Made in your own colors, this would be perfect to store pet supplies in year round!  (FREE!)

8. ROW COUNT PAW PRINT Afghan Square Crochet Pattern:  How cute of an afghan would this make?!  What a lovely gift idea for a dog lover! (FREE!)

9. Paw Print Applique Set: This would be cute on so many things! (FREE!)


Thursday Roundup #2- Flower Power Crochet Patterns

Welcome to Thursday Roundup #2!

With spring having sprung (both on the calendar and in the air…FINALLY! 🙂 I thought that a flower roundup would be appropriate and maybe even appreciated this week!  There are so many ways to crochet flowers.  Everyone’s talent just amazes me!  I am a pattern collector, so these will definitely be added to my collection LoL. So here are some incredible flower power patterns!

flower roundup

1. Crochet Daisy– skill level easy!  (My favorite kind!)  I think these would be adorable on a blanket. (FREE!)

2. 5 Petal Flower- This adorable flower was used on a card, but certainly has lots of other uses as well.  (FREE!)

3. Leaves and Flowers- A stacked flower pattern, but you could also use them just as 1 layer.  Also includes a pattern for a leaf.  (FREE!)

4. Canterbury Bells

5. Crochet a Rose epattern This super simple pattern will work up in now time as it is only 2 rows!. (FREE!)

6. Star Flower– A unique flower shaped like a star.  Also perfect for any skill level.  (FREE!)

7. Daffodilly Flower- Nothing says spring like a daffodil! (FREE!)

8. Chrysanthemum- A bit more advanced, but lovely.  (FREE!)

9. Bunny Flowers- I know we just passed Easter, but this is so adorable! (FREE!)


There are soooo many other wonderful flower patterns out there!  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  What is your go-to favorite flower pattern?



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Thursday Roundup #1- Eggcellent Crochet Patterns

I just love the idea of round ups! What a great way to promote each other and share the awesome, hard work of others! There is so much talent out there. So I decided that I would make Thursday my round up day and hope to add a weekly weekly linky party in the near future on Thursdays also. Some weeks it might be crochet, other times plastic canvas or wreaths, or anything else that comes to mind 🙂

For my very first round up theme, I chose crocheted Easter eggs. If you haven’t seen some of these amazing eggs, you are in for a non-fattening treat!

egg roundup

1.  Little Yarn Friends- Give your egg décor some personality with these adorable little Moustache Easter Eggs. (FREE!)

2.  Plastic Easter Egg Bird-  These sweet little egg birds are sure to be a hit with the little ones! (FREE!)

3.  Little Monster Easter Egg-  Another adorable pattern that little kids will love to play with. (FREE!)

4.  Crochet Easter Egg-  I love these Easter eggs because you can actually hide treats in them!

5. Pineapple Lace Crochet Egg Cover- So beautiful!  Pattern comes with ideas for embellishment also.

6. Crocheted Easter Eggs–  These eggs would be beautiful in a pretty bowl or scattered about on shelves.  I love the added flower embellishment.  (FREE!)



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