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Made it Monday- Paw print Christmas ornaments

The past week I have been laid up with a hurt foot from running, so to help pass the time I have been doing lots of stitching. Yesterday I whipped up this cute little ornament for the Christmas tree.

They are perfect to use as gift tags as well.

They are now available in my Etsy shop and you can choose from 8 colors for the border color.

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Navy Coasters- Made by You Monday

With all the bustle of the holidays beginning, plus homeschooling my younger son, it gets challenging to find time to craft some days. I seem Togo in spurts where I’ll get a bunch done and then I’ll have weeks where I just can’t seem to get anything done.

Another big frustration is that while I LOVE doing the plastic canvas, it takes me several days to complete a coaster set or even a checkbook cover. If I work hard I can do them in 2-3 days.

But I did manage to complete this navy coaster set that I posted on my work in progress post before. Just in time for the upcoming craft fair. Big navy area there :).


I wish I could have had more than one set ready by then but it just won’t happen. My husband suggesting having it out as a sample and taking orders for them, but I’m not sure how people would feel about that. Have any of you ever done something like that before? If so, how did it work out for you?

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Snowflake Wreath- Made by You Monday

I live in the eastern part of Maryland. We’ve had a serious snow drought the last few years. I am not a cold weather person at all. In fact, I moved south in part to avoid the cold. But I ended up meeting my husband and thanks to the military, have ended up a bit more north again LoL. So this week it is COLD! At least by my standards. I also enjoy watching the weather in the winter for big (snow) storms to move across the country. I do enjoy watching the weather models and seeing what happens. I even hope for the snow despite not liking the cold. Snow makes it better. But if it is cold like this, it should snow. Then I’m happy! So with the storm moving across the country now, I was hoping we might get our snow that has alluded us of late. We were here in Maryland several years ago when those epic storms came through back-to-back. My littlest one doesn’t remember it though- he was only 2. So I was hoping for him too. He gets thrilled over a dusting. But, it looks like we will be getting just rain 😦

So to go along with our freezing cold weather we have right now (which leaves in time for preciptation to arrive), I decided to make this cute snowflake yarn wreath. This was inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest the other year. I thought it would be cute to put out at an upcoming craft fair.


So who has snow and wants to send some snow my way?! 🙂


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Faith Checkbook Cover

Since I started crafting about two years ago, I’ve grown from just doing plastic canvas to learning to crochet, make yarn wreaths and my most recently, loom knitting. However, plastic canvas is still special to me for two reasons. First, it’s one of the first crafts I remember doing outside of school when my grandmother taught me. Second, it allows me to create my own patterns and express my Christian faith.

I was on a creative whirlwind a while back and come up with a bunch of designs (one or two which I have yet to actually sew). I don’t think I had anything new for about a year! But one night last week, inspiration struck again and I have a bunch of new ideas. The first that I’ve stitched up is a new checkbook cover design.


Here’s a look at the back and inside:20131118-101541.jpg20131118-101531.jpg


I enjoy making things that are simple, yet pretty.  I hope others enjoy it as much as I had fun creating and stitching it.  If you are interested in purchasing this item, it is available in my Etsy store here.  If you would like to check out my other items listed on Etsy, my store can be found here.

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