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Work in Progress Wednesday- Spring/Easter Floral Yarn Wreath

My love of these little flowers just continues to grow. They are so easy to make and I just love using them for everything, especially wreaths. This is my first wreath where I’ve used them all the way around with no other decorations.

Here is a picture of my newest wreath that I’ve been working on the past 2 days.

Today my work consisted of wrapping the wreath. It takes awhile to wrap, but I enjoy doing repetitive tasks for some reason. I guess it gives my mind a chance to wander and think on other things. I also had the brilliant idea to add a little something to the center of each little flower (not shown in the picture). Anyone want to take a guess what I added?


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Sneak Peak- Snowflake Plastic Canvas Tissue Cover: Work in Progress Wednesday

After doing a bunch of crochet work lately, my creative juices are flowing for plastic canvas again. I’ve designed several new items lately, including a couple of magnets and a new coaster set (if you want to see them, stop by my Facebook page.

But today I wanted to share with you my very newest creation, my plastic canvas snowflake tissue cover! I currently have 1 side done. I’m hoping to finish it in time for this Saturday’s craft fair.


The snowflake is glittery, but not in an obnoxious way. There’s a weird shadow in the middle too (but just in the picture). But you get the idea. I took the picture late at night so I didn’t have very good lighting.

So what do you think of the design? I personally love it! I’m trying to decide if I should offer other colors besides the blue. If I do, what color(s) would you suggest?


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Lining Crocheted Bags- Work in Progress Wednesday

Several months ago I crocheted two small pouches that would be perfect to put inside a purse to hold smaller items. But I never got around to lining them. I also have my Stripes and Shells bag ready to line. Last night I finally sat down and sewed the liners for all three bags and today I will be working on stitching them into the bags while I visit with a dear friend. Sound like a great day, right!? Below are the bags:


I would love to see what you are working on this week! Please feel free share a picture or leave a link! You are welcome to stop by my Facebook page and share as well!



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Military Bookmarks- Work in Progress Wednesday

I’m still on my bookmark kick! Monday I posted my completed American flag bookmark, and today I am sharing with you my Army bookmark, a work in progress. I plan to do the other branches as well, but I’m still designing them (in my head!).

Here is the Army one so far:


I think I’m liking it, but I’m not sure yet. I guess I’ll see when it is completed.

What are you working on this week?


Crocheted Shell Striped Bag- Work in Progress Wednesday

I’ve been wanting to make some crocheted bags for a while now. There are so many fabulous bags out there, but I wanted to come up with some of my own. I just like knowing that it’s my creation from start to finish. So I finally envisioned this bag and began working on it Monday evening. I think I like it and the colors so far.



I plan to line it when I’m finished as well. If all turns out well and anyone in interested, I will try to write up the pattern as well.

The only thing I’m not happy with is that I see a seam where I join the rounds and begin the next round. How can I stop that?!



Bookmarks- Work in Progress Wednesday

A few weeks ago, I participated in a craft fair. This was the 3rd one I’ve done and so far, they really haven’t gone too well. It’s so discouraging! The couple items I did sell however, were my bookmarks. In fact I all but sold out of them, all by one person! (I only had about 5, so it really wasn’t that major). I hadn’t got around to making any more yet, so I decided to take a break from the Japanese Flower Coasters I’ve been working on and make some more bookmarks.
Here are 2 of them in progress:



One has a small cross on and the other will say “Jesus”. They work up fairly quickly, so these are now completed, however I want to make several of each in different colors, so it is still a work in progress. I also need to make some more that say “Hope” and “Peace”.

What are you working on this week? Is it new, or are you replacing something that’s sold?


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Japanese Flower Coasters – Work in Progress Wednesday

This week I am obsessed with this adorable Japanese flower coaster free pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs. I’ve already completed one set in a sage color, and now I’m working on this patriotic red, white and blue set.

 This one is in progress
20140423-140740.jpgHere is a finished coaster

Here the 2 are together.  I have 2 more to make to complete the set.

I also have another set that I’m working on (why can’t I finish a set before starting another?!) in blue, yellow and green. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of that one.  If you absolutely love this pattern and would like to try it yourself, the pattern can be found at Daisy Cottage Designs.
What are you working on this week?  Share a link, I would love to visit and see!


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Checkbook Covers- Work in Progress Wednesday

This past week, I sold my Faith Checkbook Cover on Etsy (yea!)  So I am working on making another, as well as 2 additional to build up my inventory.  I am going to put different words on them… Not completely sure what yet… Perhaps Hope and Believe.  I also have an idea in mind for a white Jesus checkbook cover.  So here are the three I have started so far in various stages of completion.  I need to do the fronts and spines for all three yet.  The purple I started late last evening.  I’m going to work on it some more when we take a field trip for homeschool 🙂

If you would like to see my other checkbook covers that are currently for sale, be sure to visit my ETSY SHOP.
What are you working on this week?  Share a link, I would love to visit and see!


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Plastic Canvas Home is Where the Air Force Sends Us Sign- Work in Progress Wednesday

As many of you know, I bounce back and forth between plastic canvas, wreaths, crocheting and loom knitting.  Right now I’m between crocheting and plastic canvas.  The little crochet project I’ve been working on works up quickly, so it’s really not a work in progress, except I want to make more of them.  I’ll post them on another day 🙂  So here is my plastic canvas project I’m currently working on.  I started this in the beginning part of this week.  It could have been done by now, but I can’t seem to decide on a border that I like yet, be it colors or design (Any suggestions?!)


This one is obviously for the Air Force.  I was wanting to do Army one first (after all, my hubby IS in the Army LoL), but my teenage son was using those colors to try to loom knit a hat.  I plan on doing all the branches, and a general military one.


What are you working on this week?  Share a link, I would love to visit and see!


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Wreaths, coasters and eggs- Work in Progress Wednesday. And linky party?

So what do wreaths, coasters and eggs all have in common? Yarn! And they are all works in progress this week. The eggs are technically finished being stitched, but I haven’t listed them on etsy. Well one set is, but not these. Listing things is a bit of a chore to me. Chore=work. A work in progress lol.

So here they are:


As I said the eggs are all stitched.



These wreaths are waiting for glue and painted letters.


These coasters are a new pattern I just created in the last couple of days. One needs to have the edging finished, and they need a box made. I also plan to write a pattern to sell on etsy.

Then I still have to finish the lid of the Air Force coaster set. I also need to do some price labels for wreaths for this weekend’s craft show. I think I’ll be busy the rest of the week!

What are you working on this week? I would love for you to post your links. And speaking of posting links, I’ve been kicking around the thought of hosting a Thursday linky party. I have no idea what theme or anything yet. What would you like to see? Would you be willing to participate, of do you feel there are enough parties out there?


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