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It’s For the Dogs Crochet- Thursday Roundup

I am a dog lover. I have two dogs, who are very much part of the family and I feel as though they are furry children. They are wonderful companions, especially when my husband was deployed and the non-furry children were in bed for the night.

20140514-091301.jpg   20140514-091325.jpg  20140514-091559.jpg

From left to right: Titus (9), our pointer/?(border collie or blue heeler?) mix.  Birdog (or Birdie, 10): pointer/lab mix.  She left us about a year ago and dearly missed.  Allie (6): Our new addition last Aug.  Also a pointer/lab mix.  As sweet as our Birdie was.  (Also the same age as our younger son lol).

So in honor of them, I have rounded up some free crochet patterns both for and about dogs.

dog roundup

1. Crocheted Dog Bandana: I love bandanas on dogs, and this is an easy little pattern that will work up in no time! (FREE!)

2. Dog Booties: These booties are designed for small dogs (FREE!)

3. Dog Sweater Crochet Pattern: Beautiful sweater has directions for small, medium and large dogs (FREE!)

4. Puppy Mug Hug Crochet Pattern: Perfect for any dog lover.  (FREE!)

5. Crochet Dalmatian Dog Hat Pattern: This adorable hat pattern is available in sizes from baby all the way through adult (FREE!)

6. Floppy Dog Crochet Pattern: This adorable stuffed toy would be a great gift, or perfect to make for your own little ones.  (FREE!)

7. Dog Paws Christmas Stocking: Made in your own colors, this would be perfect to store pet supplies in year round!  (FREE!)

8. ROW COUNT PAW PRINT Afghan Square Crochet Pattern:  How cute of an afghan would this make?!  What a lovely gift idea for a dog lover! (FREE!)

9. Paw Print Applique Set: This would be cute on so many things! (FREE!)


Armed Forces Crochet Patterns- Thursday Round Up

Next Saturday, May 17, we celebrate Armed Forces Day. This is near and dear to my heart and I want to take some time to feature some lovely patterns to honor our military heros.

A little background on this holiday first. It was first celebrated on May 20, 1950. Previously, the military branches each had their own day of celebration. Armed Forces Day is celebrated the 3rd Saturday in May. It is the last day of Armed Forces Week, which begins the second Saturday in May. To read a bit more about this very special holiday, click here.

armed forces


1. Armed Forces Day Jar Cozy– This is not only an adorable crochet pattern, but also includes a Potato Cheese Soup recipe (to make it like an MRE- Meal Ready to Eat) (FREE!)

2. Crochet Beanie– available in sizes from preemie to adult! (FREE!)

3. Military Afghan– lovely afghan supporting all branches (FREE! Free sign up required)

4. Toy Army Corps Net– perfect for those little boys in your life! (FREE!)

5. Boys Army Floppy Brimmed Hat– scroll to the bottom of the page in the very bottom window to find this cute pattern (FREE!)

6. Free Army Boonie Hat Pincushion Crochet Pattern – scroll to the bottom of the page in the very bottom window to find this pincushion pattern (FREE!)


I also wanted to list a few places where the community can give back to the military.

1. Military Families Ministry– Accepts knit or crochet prayer patches and prayer shawls

2. Scarves for Heroes– Collects handmade scarves to distribute

3. Soldiers’ Angels– crochet, knit, loomed blankets and scarves

4. Warmth for Warriors– knit and crochet hats

I hope to do some of these, and would love to have my fellow blog readers join me!  I know there are other organizations out there as well.  If you know of them, would you share them with me so I can add them to the list?


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Planter Cozy Roundup- Thursday Roundup

Wow! Do you live in an area that has been hit by all the rain over the last few days? We had a lot yesterday, but I know many areas had it much worse. I am optimistic that all those April Showers will bring the May Flowers! To ring in May, today’s roundup features planter cozies. I’m sure they would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift idea too!

flower pot roundup

1. Flower Pot Cozy from Moogly: This has a beautiful tutorial with it, and will fit a standard small flower pot. A great way to pretty up those cheap flower pots!(FREE!)

2. Simple Crochet Flower Pot from Hopscotch Lane:  I love the little shell border at the top!  Another super simple pattern. (FREE!)

3. Flower Pot Cozy by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd) : Charted pattern, free through Ravelry (FREE!)

4. Hanging Pot Hanger by Crochet 4 You: A perfect pattern for those who have hanging planters. (FREE!)

5. Dig-It Flower Pot Cover from Crochet! Magazine: Adorable granny square cozy!  Brighten it up with some fabulous spring colors! (FREE!)

6. Ring around the Rosy Cozy  by Crochet Today: I love the colors in this cozy!  This is a pattern available for purchase in digital format.

7.  Crochet Plant Pot Cozy: Fits a pot that is 10 cm on the bottom and 14 cm on the top. (FREE!)

8. Flower Pot Cover by Val’s Crafty Creations: Adorable pattern with a cute bow (FREE!)

9. Colorful Crochet Pot Covers by Mon Makes Things: Crocheted pattern with cord for a splash of color (FREE!)



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Japanese Flower Coasters – Work in Progress Wednesday

This week I am obsessed with this adorable Japanese flower coaster free pattern by Daisy Cottage Designs. I’ve already completed one set in a sage color, and now I’m working on this patriotic red, white and blue set.

 This one is in progress
20140423-140740.jpgHere is a finished coaster

Here the 2 are together.  I have 2 more to make to complete the set.

I also have another set that I’m working on (why can’t I finish a set before starting another?!) in blue, yellow and green. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of that one.  If you absolutely love this pattern and would like to try it yourself, the pattern can be found at Daisy Cottage Designs.
What are you working on this week?  Share a link, I would love to visit and see!


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Crocheted iPhone cozy (free pattern)- finished Friday

Not so long ago I got a new iphone. Of course, old cases never fit new things, do they? LoL! So I wanted something quick that I could protect it right away and I hate spending a fortune for things like that. So of course I turned to my yarn stash for some help. In no time at all I whipped up this little cozy for it.

(Please excuse the numerous dog hairs- I had misplaced it for a while and found it on the floor under a basket. I didn’t take the time to pretty it yet.).

I made own pattern, and it was super easy! I simply chained 15, then joined it with a slip stitch to the first chain (be careful not to twist!) to make a circle. Then I just single crocheted in every chain. At the end of the round, I didn’t not join to 1st stitch, just kept spiraling around until it was long enough to cover my phone (about 15 rows. You might want to mark your rounds if you choose to count. Or just eyeball it until it fits). I did join that final stitch to the beginning of that last round (I did mark each new round). Bind off and weave in end. Turn inside out and whip stitch your bottom closed, weave in end and turn right side out. Add an embellishment if you choose.
I think you could easily add a cute little embellishment of your choice to cuteness it up- the possibilities are many!
Now I know it’s protected when I drop it in my purse as I rush out the door. 🙂


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Flower coaster pattern

I did have a few people interested in the pattern for the flower coasters. This is my first pattern that I’ve written for anyone other than myself, so please ask if there’s anything I don’t explain well!

***** Note: the 1st 7 rounds are worked in a spiral, do not join to the 1st stitch of round, but do mark the beginning of each round.

1. Begin with a magic circle.
2. Round 1: 6 single crochet into circle (6 stitches)
3. Round 2: 2 single crochet into each stitch around (12 stitches)
4. Round 3: *1 single crochet in 1st stitch, 2 single crochet in 2nd stitch*. Repeat between ** around (18 stitches)
5. Round 4: *1 single crochet in 1st 2 stitches, 2 single crochets in 3rd stitch*. Repeat between ** around (24 stitches)
6. Round 5: *1 single crochet in 1st 3 stitches, 2 single crochet in 4th stitch*. Repeat between ** around (30 stitches)
7. Round 6: *1 single crochet in 1st 4 stitches, 2 single crochet in 5th stitch*. Repeat between ** around (36 stitches)
8. Round 7: *1 single crochet in 1st 5 stitches, 2 single crochet in 6th stitch*. Repeat between ** around (42 stitches). For this round, join to the first stitch of this round with a slip stitch.
9. Round 8: *chain 6, skip next 3 stitches, slip stitch into 4th stitch. Slip stitch in stitches 5, 6, 7.*. (1st petal). Repeat between **. You will have 7 petals when finished. Slip stitch to join in 1st chain of round
10. Round 9: single crochet around each petal and each slip stitch of previous round. Join with slip stitch to 1st single crochet of round.
11. Weave in ends.

That’s it! Here is a picture of the 2 I’ve completed so far. Sorry, I haven’t weaves in my ends yet. Let me know how this works for you!


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