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Assembling a plastic canvas box, part 1

One of my first projects after starting back with plastic canvas was a coaster set in a box. Assembling the box gave me such a headache! After a few sets,I finally found a great method. Some of you might already have figured this out or have an even better way, but I figured I would share just in case. This is my first tutorial, so I hope this works well!

To begin, I have all my individual pieces already sewn, just waiting to be joined.


Line up a side with the main piece. Leave a bit of a tail, which will be stitched over. Whip stitch all the way down the side, joining the two pieces.


Repeat the process for the remaining sides.


Whenever your yarn starts to run out, leave a bit of tail and begin the new yarn just as you did in the beginning, this time stitching over both tails.



Here is the box with all the sides attached. In my next tutorial, I will finish the bottom of the box by joining the corners and the edging.


Happy stitching!

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