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Sneak Peak- Snowflake Plastic Canvas Tissue Cover: Work in Progress Wednesday

on October 29, 2014

After doing a bunch of crochet work lately, my creative juices are flowing for plastic canvas again. I’ve designed several new items lately, including a couple of magnets and a new coaster set (if you want to see them, stop by my Facebook page.

But today I wanted to share with you my very newest creation, my plastic canvas snowflake tissue cover! I currently have 1 side done. I’m hoping to finish it in time for this Saturday’s craft fair.


The snowflake is glittery, but not in an obnoxious way. There’s a weird shadow in the middle too (but just in the picture). But you get the idea. I took the picture late at night so I didn’t have very good lighting.

So what do you think of the design? I personally love it! I’m trying to decide if I should offer other colors besides the blue. If I do, what color(s) would you suggest?



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