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Crocheted Shell Striped Bag- Work in Progress Wednesday

on May 7, 2014

I’ve been wanting to make some crocheted bags for a while now. There are so many fabulous bags out there, but I wanted to come up with some of my own. I just like knowing that it’s my creation from start to finish. So I finally envisioned this bag and began working on it Monday evening. I think I like it and the colors so far.



I plan to line it when I’m finished as well. If all turns out well and anyone in interested, I will try to write up the pattern as well.

The only thing I’m not happy with is that I see a seam where I join the rounds and begin the next round. How can I stop that?!



7 responses to “Crocheted Shell Striped Bag- Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. It’s very pretty, I like the colours you’re using. Could you start each row in a different place so the joining seam doesn’t stack into a line? Or you could spiral round instead?

    • Thank you so much! Joining in a different place is an awesome idea! I thought about the spiral too, but wasn’t sure how that would work with changing colors. I’ll try anything though. Thank you!

      • no problem 🙂 I’d be less confident working out how to spiral with different colours too. I’m sure some clever people have worked out how to do it but I still consider myself a fairly newby crocheter so didn’t want to advise wrongly!

  2. Maya says:

    Hi Kelly!
    Your bag looks great – the color combo is fantastic and the pattern is so addictive 🙂

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