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Craft Storage- Storing Yarn- Tuesday’s Tips

on April 1, 2014

Since my favorite types of crafting all involve yarn, I have a bunch of it. I know my stash is not near as much as many I’ve seen. But it’s still a lot, and we don’t have a bunch of extra space in our house. I’ve moved my yarn around to different spots as it’s grown or I found a better spot for it. This is how it is currently stored:


That’s three plastic totes, 1 plastic crate and 1 plastic bag.  The totes are where I really want to have it stored, but I ran out.  I had bought them on a great sale at Office Depot for $5 each!  In there, I have it separated by brand.  I pretty much only have 1 type in each brand so that makes it easy.20140401-074602.jpg

This is my other yarn “storage”.  It’s a small basket by my chair in the living room that supposedly holds my “working yarn”.  Yarn that I’m using or getting ready to use in current projects.  Unfortunately, I get lazy in cleaning it out.  I cleaned out about half of it last week.  Now I need to clean out the Caron yarns.

Here are some other ideas for storing yarn:

shoe cubbies

Need some visual inspiration? Visit my Pinterest board for more ideas!
yarn storage

You can organize by color, brand, or even weight. Just find what works for you!  Do you have a special way you store/organize your yarn?  If so, help us yarn-a-holics out lol.

Happy organizing!




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