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I made a pretty flower! Finally!

on July 10, 2012
About a month ago I started to learn crocheting.  This is a craft that I have never been able to master, despite several attempts at various ages.  I’d do the chain, and then the next part, working into it, would just totally elude me!  Well, I’ve been so inspired with all the cute things on Pinterest, I decided I would try again.  I had bought a hook several years ago, but lost it several days later (LoL!) so I went and bought a small set that had several hooks.  I already had a bunch of yarn from my other hobbies.  I also bought a small book that showed how to do all the beginning stitches.  I realized that part of my problem all these years was that I am left-handed, and I always had right-handed people showing me what to do.  My brain couldn’t reverse it, though it seems like it should have been easy.  So this book showed how to do it both ways and it was much clearer!  I still had some trouble working into the chain, but at least I was getting the idea of how to do the stitches otherwise.  I am happy to say I have now gotten the hang of working into the chain (though I am still painstakingly slow!) and have managed to follow the directions to make this pretty flower. 
Is there a craft that you would love to be able to do, but have never been able to get the hang of?

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